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Hi all Wondering if there are any associate Kiwis or Aussies who tin make any recommendations for carry on baggage that namely accessible to us downunder.? Some of the best US material namely very hard to acquire clutch of alternatively about impossible to acquire shipped here. So maybe someone can point me to Aust/NZ manufacturers with eminent carry aboard luggage I am wanting a peregrination pack (with shoulder straps) but never for solemn backpacking - its more to migrate sack from train/bus to inn Our junket is three months to Europe (Turkey, Greece, Italy Spain) staying in hostels,whole weeks in apartments,3 star hotels and employ a tent". I am adapt to carrying heaviness on my behind as I hike to work with upto 7kg aboard embark Thanks.
Hi Rebecca,I did some research for Australian suppliers,merely ended up purchasing the MEI Voyager which suits me unique Prices are reasonable. Quite a few US retailers try free freight for the US,jordan retro 11,but ambition charge $55 to send a bag to Australia. Yes those extravagant freight charges are a morsel of a puzzle Clearly they are not keen on shipping internationally. Perhaps charging extravagant freight have to be an access of creation it worth their meanwhile as the addition hassle of dealing with international customers. Obviously you got is shipped to Australia not problem? My other half doesnt prefer the discern of it as himself,air jordans for sale,but as I pointed out, we dont have to have the same bags. He can obtain someone more upmarket so want take a penetrate at namely Black Wolf an Which namely variety of high But as I am currently using it for a 5 month overland trip in South East Asia I figured namely a good-looking saddle was worth the weight exercise to me.
Hi Rebecca P. I purchased the MEI Voyager some months after swiftly I choose the tremendous interior,prefer than the compartments of some of the competitors. And yeah the look is a morsel retro,merely in celine luggage little the past I have had similar style so for me it works well. And at approx 40 lit and with a good behind pack belt system it suits me pleasing The colour I wanted, burgundy, was unavailable a time of placing order, received an email quickly, was advised of a phase frame which was well inside my requirements, and the sack was delivered surrounded namely timeframe. Certainly a valid choice for a junket favor the an you depict mulberry bag channel The sack smaller-than-maximum dimensions want work very well for trains and buses. Also the package namely entirely insured which namely pretty important while you dealing with an expensive product It was a huge investment,merely I have not regretted it. The padded hip belt was the bishop attraction and I consider the draft is quite smart However it never seems to grasp as much as the Western Flyer!Good luck Please let us know what nike atmosphere max trainer you annihilate up with,jordan retro for sale, and also whether there any other brands you discover!
Just reporting behind aboard the final decision. Went with E Bags TLS Weekender Convertible. Freight additionally to be calculated from Bongo to NZ only possible to be nearly $US60. a word to anyone using Bongo - it took four working days to win the menu set up with the way they reanimate and vertify your account It cost only $5 to establish a basic catalogue although.
Just a fast update: I took Bentley counsel and ordered some other items from US so namely my shipment could be consolidated in the US and subsequently sent over as atmosphere max 90 an archive to retention aboard US shipping costs which proved quite price effective from is annihilate Unfortunately, I completely forgot almost NZ customs, GST and liability As my archive has a amount of more than NZ $400 (and yeah they involve the amount of freight in calculating that I am immediately stung with an added NZ$137 forward I can receive my atmosphere max 97 package I would assume that Australia would have similar threshold rules as well and GST would likewise be payable upon appearance Oh well, lesson learned so I thought I would share with any other Aussie/NZ latent sack buyers. Watch those import rules. Better win LOTS of use out of our TLS bags lol!
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